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Whether you are experienced or a beginner, connecting with the right broker is everything. legatrades in the USA is a leading trade and investment company with years of industry experience. We are legally registered with the USA government with the Company number 08619610

Our services include: Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency Investments, Stock & Commodity investments, Real Estate Investment & Development, Market Research and Analysis; assisting both individuals & companies invest in the commercial market; training clients in understanding investment strategies.

It is a platform that wants to give everybody the power to manage and grow their finances better.

legatrades is trust-worthy. It requires no deposit or monthly fees, and the interface of both the web applications are user-friendly. Using legatrades is safe and secure.

The investment part of legatrades gives you the option of earning more on your savings by investing in primary and secondary investment opportunities. These investments have low or medium risks and are usually in Bitcoin trading & Mining, agriculture, Oil & gas, real estate, transportation and lot's more.

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